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ADA Applications

Authority to Drive Airside (ADA)

No person shall be permitted to drive Airside at BIA, unless they hold a current ADA, valid for the area of operation and understands the regulations and restrictions which apply to driving airside.

The person must also be a holder of a current and valid ASIC card and must also hold a current motor vehicle driver’s licence valid for the vehicle they will operate

Applying for a new or renewal ADA card:

  • Access and print an ADA Application Form
  • Pay $88.00 (inclusive of GST) before a course can be booked
  • Provide a current valid motor vehicle driver’s licence and ASIC card (to be sighted by BIA Staff at lodgement of application)

It is advisable that you read and print a copy of the BIA ADA Drivers Handbook before undertaking the online the course.