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Security & Safety

Safety and Security throughout the Airport precinct is afforded the highest priority by Broome International Airport (BIA). Government regulated security requirements are a key focus of BIA with front line security performed by Broome Shared Services Pty Ltd.

Passenger Screening at Broome International Airport terminals is performed to Australian Government standards using x-ray machines, walk through metal detectors and hand held metal detectors. Explosive Trace Detection systems were introduced at the passenger screening point in October 2003, with random screening of passengers and carry on goods.

Broome International Airport has an access control system with a network of closed circuit TV cameras and constant security patrols.

Checked Bag Screening (CBS)

CBS is in operation as per the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 & Aviation Transport Regulations 2005.

Dangerous Goods 

Dangerous goods are items or substances that may endanger the safety of the aircraft or persons onboard an aircraft. Please contact your airline directly for information on their prohibited and allowed items.

Unattended Baggage

 Due to increased security, under no circumstance can any items such as luggage, boxes or similar items be left unattended in any area of the airport. Any unattended items found at the airport will be treated as suspicious. Any persons finding unattended items of this nature are to report them to Airport Security staff immediately or alternatively you can contact our Operations Manager on 0417 998 360

All baggage should have your name and destination clearly displayed on the outside. Airlines supply tags for this purpose and can be found in the Departure terminal.

Inappropriate Jokes, Comments & Suspicious Behaviour

Any comment made, even in jest, regarding the possession or knowledge of a weapon or explosive device is taken seriously and may result in prosecution and/or refusal of carriage by the airline.

Abusive &/or Intoxicated Passengers

 A passenger that appears to be intoxicated, behaving erratically or abusive to other passengers or staff may be refused carriage or removed from an aircraft.