ASIC and VIC Applications

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Under the Aviation Transport Security Act Regulations, users must have an operational need to be airside (in the aircraft operating areas) at BIA. Anyone who requires unescorted access to these areas at BIA must comply with the requirements for background checks as per the regulations and must be wearing a valid Aviation Security Identification (ASIC) Card or Visitor Identification Card (VIC) 

All ASICs need to be applied for through Aviation ID Australia.
Please visit their website for details.
Please allow approximately 4 to 6 weeks, from submission of your application, to receive your ASIC.
BIA will notify you when your ASIC is ready for collection from the Administration Office at the airport.


Visitor Cards

Changes to the Aviation Transport Security Act and Regulations will only allow the issue of a BIA VIC for a maximum of 28 days in any 12 month period. 

If you do not have a valid ASIC after this time, you will be denied entry to Airside at BIA. 

If you have been issued a VIC -

  • You must be accompanied by a valid ASIC holder at all times 
  • The ASIC holder will be held accountable for the VIC
  • Severe penalties may apply. 


Authority to Drive Airside (ADA)

No-one is permitted to drive airside at BIA, unless they hold a current ADA, valid for the area of operation and understands the regulations and restrictions which apply to driving airside in Broome. 

The person must also be a holder of a current and valid ASIC card and must also hold a current motor vehicle driver’s licence valid for the vehicle they will operate


Applying for a new or renewal ADA card: (No pix)

  • Access and print an ADA Application Form
  • Pay $88.00 (inclusive of GST) 
  • Provide a current valid motor vehicle driver’s licence and ASIC card (to be sighted by BIA Staff at lodgement of application) 

It is advisable that you read and print a copy of the BIA ADA Drivers Handbook before attending the course.